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... He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind. Psalm 104:3b NIV

The achievements of science have made significant contributions to society and are generally held to be reliable. The scientific method is the guideline that determines whether the results of research are valid by objectively adhering to an evaluation of the evidence during each step of discovery. The Theory of Evolution and the long ages assigned to the material world, however, are based on the questionable practice of interpreting evidence subjectively to achieve a predetermined outcome. It may be an awakening for many to learn that evolutionary beliefs cannot withstand the objective demands of scientific discovery. The purpose of is to present the facts that will help to better understand the issues in the Creation/Evolution debate.

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  *** Creation & Science: Genetic Drift & The Garden of Life ***  

Genetic Drift, along with the classification system for all life forms, provide a greater understanding of the words repeated in Genesis 1: "after their kind." When coupled with the concept of a "Garden of Life" as opposed to the evolutionary "Tree of Life," the questions to ask are: Should I believe what I observe with my eyes and understand with my intellect that a Creationist view is supported by science and Biblical truth? ...or, Must I believe that life evolved from a single primordial cell? ...and, What does the historic evidence tell me about these two competing beliefs?

Creation & Science: 3 Laws & 4 Observational Principles

The principles of science, when interpreted objectively, present a challenge to the idea that the material world and all of life came into existence by the process of naturalism and biological evolution. This brief introductory section on the Principles of Science describes why order, origin, and the diversity of life require a Creator Who exists beyond the realm of human understanding.

Creation Study Guide

The Creation Study Guide addresses the Creation/Evolution controversy in greater detail. The Guide defines the basics of both a six day Creation and the opposing theories of Old Earth Creationism and Evolutionary beliefs. The chapters also address Science & Education, the requirement to adhere to the Scientific Method, and evidence for the Origin and Complexity of Life. A Discussion Guide is included for group studies.

  The Genesis Historic Narrative

The Genesis Historic Narrative presents the importance of understanding Genesis chapters 1-11 as literal events that occurred supernaturally at a specific time in the history of the world. The Narrative includes a discussion on Competing Theories, Adherence to Scientific Accuracy, and how a non-historic understanding of Genesis can lead to a Conflicted View of the Bible.

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