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Introduction to the 3 Laws of Science & 4 Observational Principles:
                 Creation or Evolution? Why is It Important? 10:44 minutes

The Origin of Life - Parts 1 & 2

                 The Intricacy of a Cell & DNA
                 The Origin of Life - Part 1 16:52 minutes

                 The Laws of Science Show No Favoritism
                 The Origin of Life - Part 2 14:37 minutes

The Diversity of Life - Parts 1 - 3

                 Was the Diversity of Life planned? -or- has it evolved over time?
                 The Diversity of Life - Part 1 16:06 minutes

                 Lions, and Tigers, and (Bears?)... Oh, my!
                 The Diversity of Life - Part 2 15:15 minutes

                 Can pigs fly? how about velociraptors?
                 (Available soon) The Diversity of Life - Part 3 00:00 minutes>

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